Care for dolphins

About the Web-hostess

I have been in love with dolphins ever since I was a child. The more I know about them, the more I love them. I became deeply in love with dolphins after my first encounter with wild Chinese white dolphins in Hong Kong back in 1995. My love for dolphins extended to whales and porpoises when I later learnt that they all belong to the cetacean family.

Out of love for dolphins, I browsed through many dolphin websites. Some websites gave details about the threats dolphins are facing and what can be done to help them, including to learn more about dolphins. Because of this, I started studying environmental science in spite of my arts background, hoping that I can make use of my knowledge to do something for my beloved friends at sea.

Having worked in dolphin conservation during my spare time in the past six years, and having learnt from the experience of some international dolphin conservation groups, I realized how important it is to spread the words around. It is only by telling people about what dolphins are facing that they will understand the situation and show their care by voicing out to the government or the concerned organization, in order to urge them to action. I further realized how important it is to spread the words to our future generation when I saw the encouraging responses from children and their parents while I was holding parent-child workshops at primary schools.

God had created every dolphin with a lovely smile on its face which make me smile whenever I see it, no matter how troubled I was. But their "dolphinality"(personality of dolphin) even touched me more. There are heartwarming stories all over the world on dolphins saving people in danger. Their friendly, fun-loving and altruistic characters have touched my heart for a long time. They are my guardian angels, and I see it as my mission to guard them back. After browsing through this website, I hope youll be touched by dolphins too.

Patty Tse, Hong Kong