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Answers to the Games

Who’s who in the cetacean family
Baleen Whale:
Pygmy Right Whale

Toothed Whale:
Sperm Whale, Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, Common Dolphin, Finless Porpoise

Searching for Whales and Dolphins
印度太平洋駝背豚 (Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin)
熱帶斑海豚 (Pantropical spotted dolphin)
太平洋斑紋海豚 (Pacific white-sided dolphin)
樽鼻海豚 (Bottlenose dolphin)
抹香鯨 (Sperm whale)
飛旋海豚 (Spinner dolphin)
真海豚 (Common dolphin)
弗氏海豚 (Fraser's dolphin)
花紋海豚 (Risso's dolphin)
江豚 (Finless porpoise)
白鯨 (Beluga)
灰鯨 (Grey whale)
虎鯨 (Orca)
座頭鯨 (Humpback whale)
藍鯨 (Blue whale)
偽虎鯨 (False killer whale)
領航鯨 (Pilot whale)
白鱀豚 (Baiji)

Counting Dolphins
18 dolphins