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Hong Kong

It is quite unbelievable to find two cetacean species residing in the small and yet busy harbour of Hong Kong, not to mention 15 other species that had come here for a short visit. According to the Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Mammals of the World (Princeton Field Guides), Hong Kong is one of the 100 hot spots for marine mammal watching.
Dolphin watching at sea

In fact, there is a chance to see Chinese white dolphins (Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins) in many places in the western waters of Hong Kong, which is situated right at the Pearl River Estuary:

  1. Lung Kwu Chau and Sha Chau Marine Park
  2. The Brothers
  3. Waters off Airport runway
  4. West coast of Lantau Island from Shum Wat to Fan Lau


Regular tours are available in Hong Kong. I often join them for dolphin watching. They follow the Code of Conduct in Dolphin Watching and their boat is very stable. It's the best option for dolphin watching in Hong Kong waters:

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch http://www.hkdolphinwatch.com/

Landbased observation at Tai O


You can take the bus route number 11 from Tung Chung to Tai O, which takes roughly an hour. From Tai O bus station, it takes roughly 20 minutes to get to the pavilion, depending on how congested the street is. Walking along Shek Tsai Po Street, you can reach the Shaolin Wushu Centre. You can follow the footpath by the side of the centre and will see the direction plates.

The footpath to Fushan pavilion is paved with dark brown stones.
HK_CWD4 dolphin_from_land
Walking up the stairs, you will see a 3 dolphin statues. As the Chinese white dolphins feed mainly along shallow coastal waters, you may find them if you look down from where the statues are. You can keep looking out for dolphins when you continue walking along the footpath. Yet, as you are on the hill and are quite far away from the sea level, don’t forget your binoculars!
New Lantau Bus:http://www.newlantaobus.com/road_11.htm

Landbased observation at Chi Ma Wan Peninsula
You can get to Pui O by bus route number 3M from Tung Chung. You can reach the observation point at Mong Tung Wan by walking along the Chi Ma Wan Scenic Trail.
There are two observation points at Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, namely the point overseeing Mong Tung Wan and the point overseeing Shek Kwu Chau. As the finless porpoises are darker and they do not have fins, and you are on the hill which is quite far up from the sea level, don’t forget your binoculars!
New Lantau Bus:http://www.newlantaobus.com/road_3M.htm