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A Dream fulfilled – Swim with Hawaiian Dolphins
November 2007
The purpose of going to Hawaii is to swim with dolphins in the wild, a dream that I always have. The species that swam with us were the spinner dolphins. Although we were in the water with them for roughly 10 minutes, it was the most unforgettable experience I ever had. It was like watching the dolphin documentary of Animal Planet right in the water. Once we got into the water, we heard the dolphins chirping with clicks and whistles. So, we tried hard to swim towards them.
I believe that dolphins are sensitive creatures and they can sense what humans had in mind. As I had to look after my friend who could not swim and held her arm tightly so that she would not be frightened, the dolphins could sense our positive energy and came to us in a small pod. Two of them swam right beneath us slowly, touching each other. It would be impossible for us to catch up with them if they did not come over. When I was still in water, I saw a little dolphin breached, just like what I saw in documentaries. After this experience, I love them even more.
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The organization we joined is run by researchers. The good thing about this is that they know the dolphins well and they know when it is the right time for us to jump into the water. I had seen other commercial operators dropping people down into the water when the dolphins were travelling. But that would make it impossible for people to catch up with the dolphins.

Other marine creatures:
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Location: Waianae of Oahu