New Zealand

New Zealand

When dolphin dream comes true
November 2010

New Zealand is a place I have been dreaming of visiting for quite some time. My plan postponed for various reasons, and this time I was determined to make it come true. Basically, my target was to see the Dusky Dolphins and the Hector's Dolphins, together with some penguins and albatross. As this trip involved a few places in the South Island , it's worth sharing the itinerary here:

Hong Kong -> Auckland -> Christchurch
Christchurch -> Kaikoura
Kaikoura -> Christchurch -> Akaroa
Akaroa -> Christchurch -> Dunedin
Dunedin -> Christchurch -> Auckland -> Hong Kong

Christchurch to Akaroa:
Airport shuttle:



Species: Dusky dolphin, Orca / Killer Whale, Sperm whale

Dusky Dolphin

Only occur in the Southern Hemisphere
Adult body length: 1.5 -2.2m
New Born body length: 0.55 -0.91m
Characteristics: no prominent beak
Tour: Dolphin Encounter

Sperm Whale

Adult male body length: 15-18.3m
Adult female body length: 8-17m
New born body length: 3.5-4.5m
Characteristics: only one blowhole on the left
Tour: Kaikoura Whale Watch



Species: Hector's Dolphin, Little Penguin

Hector's Dolphin

Only found in coast waters of New Zealand
Adult body length: 1.2 -1.53 m
New born body length: 0.6 -0.75m
Characteristics: round dorsal fin, described as Mickey Mouse ears by tour guide
Tour: Black Cat, Akaroa Dolphins


Little Penguin and Yellow-eyed Penguin (may see)
Penguin safari available at evening time to see penguins coming back to shore:
Pohatu Penguins:



Species: Royal Albatross, Yellow-eyed Penguin, other wild birds
Various wildlife tours available to explore the Otago Peninsula

Yellow-eyed Penguin

Royal Albatross: Wing span is as wide as 3m . Viewing from the Royal Albatross Centre through glasses is available with purchase of ticket.